Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! My 2014 Resolution...

Happy New Year 2014!!

Okay... so here we go.  It finally hit me.  I have more than enough 'stuff' in my scrapbook room to keep me busy for the next 10 years.  No wait... I mean 20 years!!!  Seriously... if you were to lock me up in my scrap room and came back to me at the end of the 20th year, I'd say to you, "Hey, I need another 5, okay?".  I looked around my room/basement today and realized I have so much stuff, too much stuff.  How will I ever use it all.  So why am I anxiously opening up emails from AC Moore, Joanns, and Michaels?!!  It's an addiction.  I get so excited when I see emails and/or texts from these craft stores, just to see what's new and what's on sale - just so I can go and buy more?  Why?  I also scour YouTube videos looking for inspiration and yet, when I see someone posting a new haul, I just have to watch it.  Great, more enabling.  What?!  Sizzix dies are on sale?!!  Woah, clearance too?!!  Um, okay - I have A LOT of dies and a Cricut, AND an Inspiration, which allows me to cut ANY shape I need.  So why do I feel the need to run (these days I'm hobbling because of a recent foot surgery) to grab my keys, jump in the car and get to the nearest Mikes, AC Moore, or Joanns?  And why is it that if I go to one of those stores, I feel the need to go to ALL of them?  I mean, sheesh, it's not like I'm cheating on one of them!

So here is my new year resolution for 2014.  It is January 1st, and I'm putting it out there in hopes that if I document my promise to myself, that I will stick to it!  I vow to try, really, really, really try NOT to buy any more of anything for scrapbooking and/or card making in 2014 unless it's adhesive.  Let's face it, if I use up my glue, then how can I continue to work on my projects, right?  So there you have it.  Effective today, I am Unsubscribing from all sales notifications from Michaels, Joanns, AC Moore, and yes, Hobby Lobby (who just opened this past October) - GASP!  But I figure hey, if I turn off these emails, then no more coupons, no more 'teasing' of new must haves to buy.  I'm also going to stop looking at haul videos on YouTube.  If it's not a tutorial, RAK share, or inspiration for creation - I ain't watching it!  Nope, you can't make me!  I'm not going to watch anymore 'Look what I got today at Michaels' or 'Oh look what Hobby Lobby has brought in'.  Nope, no more.

This is my first time blogging and I hope to be able to learn how to upload videos and photos here to share some of my projects that I will be making with some of the 'stuff' I already own. ;-)  I am in AWE of the talented girls and guys on YouTube that open their doors and share with us their amazing talents and ideas.  Thank God for YouTube and all you creative peeps out there!  I love that when I want to try a technique, that I can just search for it and sure enough, loads of videos pop up sharing your passion for paper.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for your inspiration!  Oh yeah... and Pinterest!  Woohoo!!  My absolute favorite place to be.  I am soooo addicted.  I have pinned thousands of beautiful albums, scrapbook layouts, cards, scrap rooms, and other paper crafting inspired ideas to my boards called 'My Next Projects' - projects that I will be referring to for getting my creative mojo going.  :-)

Soon (I hope), I will be posting a video of my scrapbook room, and you will see why I have made this resolution.  I seriously need to STOP shopping, and stay home and create, inspire, and enjoy my paper and bling!

Happy New Year 2014 everybody!  Anyone else out there willing to take on this challenge with me?  Oh yeah, I also vow to share my 'slip ups' (shhh), should I fall off the wagon and buy something - but I'm going to really, really, really try not to!  ;-)

So far so good - Day 1 down, and I have NOT purchased anything for my scrapbooking hobby.  Woohoo!!!  Only 364 more days to go!  May the force be with me.